20 inch Single row light bar 100 Watts

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We are committed to service, we are committed to quality and we are committed to you.

This is just part of what makes Offroad LED Bars the best in the industry. Whether you are pulling off the road for a little fun time on the trails or hard at work towing or working on a broken water main, feel confident knowing that you LED light bars are hard at work for you. We stock a variety of truck lights and can help you design the right combination you need.

We help you see the world clearly.

Our new OLB single row series light bars feature state of the art technology making them not only some of the brightest lights available but also the most reliable! 

Why spend more on a double row bar when it's not needed? These lights will fit in the small areas behind bumpers,  grilles, and on side by sides for more clearance in the trails!.

They use Cree 5 watt LEDS with the best drivers made

Available in sizes from 10 inch to 50 inch

  • Reliable solution for your off-road adventures
  • Designed to offer exceptional levels of protection
  • Unmatched combination of durability and functionality
  • Built strong to provide long-lasting service life